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TLM / Grandd Central
TLM / Grandd Central

Articles with instructions & tips for navigating the TLM side of Findd's platform

Where Can I View the Audits For an Employee Accrual?
How can I limit the locations where my employees can punch on their personal devices?
How Can I Be Notified If My Employee Sends Me a Note From Mobile?
How to use Product Tours in Findd
Can My Employees Send Me Messages About Their Timecards From The App?
How Can I Tell Who Last Edited an Employee Profile?
What are Pay Groups and How Do I Make Them?
I forgot my user email, how can I find it?
I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
What happens when GPS is set to OFF while Punching?
Does Findd Mobile Facial Recognition Work Offline?
How long will Punch History data store in my mobile app?
Why Does My Device Show A Message For Re-Registration?
What happens if an employee forgets to Punch-OUT?
What Will Happen to My Employee Punches During Daylight Savings?
I forgot my PIN and I cannot punch in. What should I do?
When I punch out the system records a punch in instead?
My punches aren't showing in Grandd Central, but show as uploaded on device?
How can I reset another account user's password?
What permissions need to be enabled on my device to use the Findd Mobile App?
What is a Timecard Audit Report?
How can I delete facespaces?
What does Hierarchy Navigation mean?
How can I add an employee email to Grandd Central?
Why aren't my punches uploading to Grandd Central?
What does SYSTEM ROUNDED mean in an employees timecard?
How can I view my employee's profile?
Can I set up required breaks for my employees?
How do I re-register an employee's facial recognition registration?
Facial registration was conducted but the face spaces are not showing in Grandd Central?
What are face spaces?
Why does my device say Transfer when I want to Punch Out?
How can I verify that my punches have been uploaded from my device?
How can I add a location to a hierarchy?
How do you change a device from clock mode to mobile clock mode?
How to Register Facial Recognition on Devices
How to View Timecards and Payroll-Based on Pay Group
How Can I Process Payroll For a Single Employee?