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When I punch out the system records a punch in instead?
When I punch out the system records a punch in instead?

This article explains Maximum Punch Set Length and Component Timecards.

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This could be due to one of two reasons:

1) Maximum Punch Length

There is a maximum punch set length that is set, by default, to 12 hours.

For example, let's say you have an employee that punches in at 6:20 AM. If he/she works the entire day and goes to punch out at 7:21 PM, the system assumes that they forgot to punch out and starts a new punch set.

If your organization has employees that are working longer than 12 hours we need to adjust your maximum punch set length. This can be changed in the Pay Group settings under Pay Configuration. Contact and we can help make that change.

2) Component Timecards

If your employee works between two or more locations throughout the day, and the auto-transfer feature is enabled, the system will transfer the employee to the closest location.

Navigate to the employee timecard page. If the employee has been moving in between locations during that time period, the "Show Component Timecards" toggle will appear on the right side of the page (see screenshot below).


Click the toggle to expand the timecard. Compare the now expanded timecard to the expected punches for accuracy.

If neither of these solutions work, contact with a brief description of the issue and we will look into it.

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