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Missing Punches are punches with in-punch but no out-punch.


It does not matter whether one of the in- or out-punches is entered manually or through a device. Punches made will still reflect in the employee’s Timecard and Records.

To view missing punches, navigate to Timecards, and the Missing Punches column shows the number of missing punches for the specified employee.


Prerequisite step:

1. Make sure you have admin permission to Edit Timecards.

2. Be aware that Your Timezone and Account Timezone may differ and should be accounted for in your edits. This is to avoid discrepancies with the time punches.


1. Once you successfully log in, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page.
Click TIMECARDS to view missing punches.

Open one of the employees with missing punches by clicking the employee row, and the employee timecards will be shown.


NOTE: Punches in red are manually entered or changed, and gray are punches entered via a device.

6. To add the missing punches, click the “+OUT” or the “+ADD” link of the same day, and a pop-up will be shown.

From the pop-up, enter the desired time-out punch. Verify that all the details, including the location and date, are correct to ensure that the out-punch will be paired up with the desired in-punch. Click ADD PUNCH.

7. The entered punch is now added, paired with the punch in of the same day.

You can also view the total worked hours based on the in- and out-punches entered.

  • Reg is for Regular Working Hours

  • OT1 is for Overtime Working Hours

  • Total is for the Total Reg and OT hours


8. You can also add missing punches by navigating to EMPLOYEES. Click the employee with a missing punch, and you will be redirected to the employee’s timecard page.

9. Click the “+OUT” or “+ADD” link and enter details.

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