Adding employees is one of the most basic tasks in Findd. Grandd Central makes adding employees very easy but there are some practices you can implement to best organize your organization within Findd. Below is a video that goes over adding employees.

Add Employees Into Grandd Central

  1. Navigate to the Employees tab and click the plus icon.

  2. Add information for your employee.

    • First and last name

    • Clock pin

    • Employee ID (can be the same as clock pin)

    • Select a supervisor (if applicable)

    • Set schedule ranking (if applicable)

  3. Default Employee Level

    • Select the correct hierarchy level that you want your employees added to. See the following example to see why this is important.


  • In the following screenshot, we see our new employee (Spencer Clark) being added to the account level. This allows Spencer to punch in/out anywhere in the organization.

  • Compare that to the next screenshot, in which Spencer is at a specific location. He will only be able to punch in/out at this location.

  • Remember, your employees can punch in/out at any hierarchy item at or beneath where they are added in the hierarchy.

  • For a touch-up on what a hierarchy is, visit our support guide on hierarchies and watch the video included in the guide.

4. Click Add Employee and your new employee can now be found in the Employee tab in Grandd Central.

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