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How to set up mobile breaks that your employees punch in and out of from devices

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Mobile breaks can be set up so you can have employees punch in and out of their break on their devices depending on parameters set up in Grandd Central. This makes it easier for managers and supervisors to customize breaks that works best for them as well as see when exactly their employees are punching in or out of their breaks.

To set up Mobile Breaks follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the hierarchy you want to set up the Mobile Breaks in

  2. On the left hand menu, scroll down to Hierarchy > Settings

  3. Click on the Mobile Breaks dropdown and then the yellow + button to add a new break

  4. Fill out popup with applicable information

    1. Name - name of break

    2. Time Window - this option gives you the ability to set the time for when you want your employees to punch (for example, you only want them to be able to clock into a break between the hours of 11 am to 1 pm).

    3. Time Duration - choose this option if you want set an amount of time that has to pass after the employee punches to allow them to punch into their break (for example, if you don't want your employee to punch into a break until they have been working at least 2 hours).

    4. Min Break Duration - the minimum amount of time an employee can be on a break

    5. Max Break Duration - the maximum amount of time an employee can be on a break

    6. Recommended Break Duration - the recommended amount of time employees can be on break

    7. Pay Type - select the pay type to be associated with that break (paid, unpaid, etc.). When an employee punches with the break, the specified pay type will be attached to the break punch set.

    8. Require Punch Biometrics - toggle ON if you want to require your employees to use facial recognition to punch in and out of the mobile breaks

  5. After the popup is completed click "Save".

  6. Once the mobile breaks are set up employees can then start punching into breaks based on your parameters.

Punching to a Mobile Break

When an employee meets the requirements to be able to use a mobile break a banner will drop down indicating they can start a break. If they dismiss the banner the yellow icon with a coffee cup on it can be selected to view the banner again.

Attempting to End a Break Too Early

When an employee is punched into a break and attempts to punch out of the break before the minimum break duration has been met, they will be presented with a message to wait.

Punching Out of a Mobile Break

When the minimum break duration has been met, the employee can simply tap the red "End Break" button. This will punch them out of their break and back into working.

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