Findd Mobile Clock IN/OUT

These instructions will guide you through the process of clocking in and out using the Findd mobile app.

Clocking IN with the Findd app

Follow these steps to clock in and out using the Findd app.

1. Open the Findd App- Tap on the Findd app icon on your mobile device.

2. Enter your Clock PIN - Type your clock PIN (typically your employee ID) and tap the checkmark.

3. Clock IN - Press the green “Punch In” button at the bottom of the screen to clock in

4. Scan Your Face - Place your face in front of the device to begin the face recognition scanning process. Once recognized, you will see a green checkmark indicating you have been clocked in.

NOTE: after clocking in the system will not allow you to clock out until 60 seconds have passed.

Clocking OUT with the Findd app

5. Open the Findd App - Tap on the Findd app icon on your mobile device to open the app.

6. Enter Clock PIN - Type your clock PIN (typically your employee ID) and tap the checkmark.

7. Clock Out - Press the red “Punch Out” button at the bottom of the screen to clock out following the same steps you used to scan your face on the In punch.

Findd App Features

After entering your Clock PIN, there are several features you can use within the Findd app.

Findd Mobile Menu

First, enter your PIN, then in the upper left corner of the Punch in/out screen, click on the menu icon with three lines to see the menu items.

Punch - Click on this option to return to the page where you clock in and out.

Punch History - View your punch history and see if punches have been uploaded

Timecards - Review and approve your timecard for the week as seen by your supervisor

Schedule - view your schedule (Only available with select plans)

Time off - request time off and view time off request approval status (Only available with select plans)


The app won’t recognize my face

If the app says it cannot find your face, try rotating your face in a circle and moving slowly forward or backward a little at a time. When a green border appears, it has detected your face and is scanning for a match. If the match is not enough to automatically punch you in, use the TAKE PHOTO button and the system will learn your face.

Face Recognition Best Practices

Lighting - Face toward the light so that your face is fully lit and visible. Avoid backlighting, bright lights behind you that cast your face in shadow

Face Angle - Look straight on at the device, don’t tilt your head to the side

Fill the Screen - Be close enough to fill the screen with your face, make sure your eyes, nose, and mouth are visible

Hats, Masks, etc - When possible, remove hats, masks, scarves, or anything that may obstruct your face or cast it in shadow

- Eyeglasses are typically OK to leave on, particularly if you trained with them on - if your face isn’t found, try using the Take Photo button a few times to let the system learn your face with the glasses

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