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Background Punch Upload for iOS
Background Punch Upload for iOS

How to enable the background sync feature on iOS devices

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The Background Sync feature is an iOS device setting that allows Findd to upload punches quickly in the background, even when the Findd app is closed. Often, employees will punch IN or OUT and then quickly close the Findd app. In some cases, if the app is closed quickly enough the punches are held on the device and will not be uploaded.

If this iOS setting is enabled, and the device is connected to power, the device will allow the Findd app to work in the background to upload any non-uploaded punches. The iOS device will always seek to optimize power consumption and subsequently the background process to upload those punches will be held until the device is connected to power.

Note: Although this iOS setting will help punches upload in case the Findd app is quickly closed, we always recommend leaving the app open after punching to allow the punches to upload in a timely manner.

To turn on this feature, follow these two processes:


  1. Open "Settings"

  2. Scroll down and select "General"

  3. Tap where it says "Background App Refresh" and tap the box for Wi-Fi & Cellular Data

  4. Go back one screen, scroll down to Findd and ensure the toggle is ON

  5. Follow the steps for Process Two below


  1. Open "Settings"

  2. Search or locate the Findd mobile app

  3. Turn the Background App Refresh Toggle is on (shown below)

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