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#1 Scheduling: Shift Templates
#1 Scheduling: Shift Templates
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Shift templates are the foundation of building schedules in Findd. They allow you to create small templates for shifts across your company, which can be applied to various locations in a templated approach.

Once a few shift templates have been built, they can be added to a schedule template.

Shift Templates Video

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Navigate to the “Schedules” tab, and then to the “Shift Templates” sub-tab

  2. Select “+” in the upper right-hand corner
    - Shift templates can be created at the account level or at the specific hierarchy level of your shift
    - The hierarchy will automatically be selected based on the hierarchy you are currently filtered to and cannot be changed unless you navigate using the hierarchy filter

  3. Enter a name for the shift template (required)

  4. Add a note as either private or public (optional)

  5. Add a start and an end time (required)

  6. Choose a position (optional)

  7. Apply differential pay percentage (optional)

  8. Select pay-type from the dropdown (required)

  9. Activate early punch-in restriction and input restriction minute limit (optional)

  10. If you would like to add a break "built-in" to the shift, select the “+” icon in the "Breaks" section (optional)
    - Insert break name [E.G.: Lunch, Dinner, etc.]
    - Select start and end time for the timeframe in which the break can be taken [E.G.: if shift starts at 8:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm, and the break is an hour, an acceptable timeframe could be to take the lunch break any time between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm]
    - Establish minimum, maximum, and recommended break duration time limits
    - Select a Pay Type that has previously been set up for the account (e.g regular, unpaid, etc.) from the dropdown
    - Select if the employee will need to use biometrics while entering and exiting a break (defaulted to OFF)

  11. Select Save

Congratulations! You have created a shift template. Notice that we didn't add any employees? Don't worry, we'll get to that. You may want to check out Schedule Templates and then Schedule Planners to see how it all fits together.

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