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#3 Scheduling: Schedule Planners & Posting Schedules
#3 Scheduling: Schedule Planners & Posting Schedules
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Schedule planners pull together all of the templates together to create a tangible and actionable schedule to assign out to employees. Schedule planners are created at the highest level needed to assign the employees in the schedule to the correct schedule, which is not necessarily the account level.

Schedule Planner Video


  1. Navigate to the “Schedules tab and then open the “Schedule Templates” sub-tab

  2. Using the Hierarchy Navigation filter, select the location or level in which the schedule will need to be applied

  3. Select “+” in the upper right-hand corner

  4. Using the template selector, select a schedule template that would apply to the location - Note: if your Schedule Template is at a hierarchy level above the one you're creating a Schedule Planner for, you will need to toggle the "Override hierarchy permission" (more information on this in the above video)

  5. Select the date that this schedule would start on. If I were to be scheduling for a 2 day weekend and applying a 2-day Schedule Template, select the Saturday on the calendar

  6. Enter a name (required) and description (optional)

Adding Employees to Shifts

  1. Click on the newly created Schedule Planner item to open up the details

  2. Note that each day (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) now has a date associated with it. Please also note the "Person" icon next to each shift, indicating that an Employee can now be applied to said shift.

  3. Click on the small person icon and select an Employee to fill the shift.
    Note: If you need to add an employee at a higher level than the hierarchical level you chose, you can turn the Limit to Shift Hierarchy switch off, which will show all employees. More information on this is in the above video.

  4. Select the days that the employee will be working
    Note: The Findd Scheduler will automatically check if the employee is already scheduled, has time off, or any other item in the Findd system that would prevent the employee from working. This will be displayed in red text with a red icon.

  5. Once added to the schedule, a percentage will show as filled above the days the employee was added to.

  6. Continue to add all employees to fill the shifts in this Schedule Planner. When all employees are added to all available shifts for each day, the percentage will show as 100%.

Posting Schedules

  1. When you have completed your schedule planner and wish to post it, return to the schedule planners page

  2. Click on the yellow “Post” button for the desired schedule planner
    Note: A confirmation pop-up will appear stating the conditions of the posting - how many employees will be receiving notifications, an alert if the schedule is not filled to 100%, etc.

  3. Select "Save" on the popup to alert employees and post schedules

  4. Once it has been posted, it will appear in the Posted Schedules section.

  5. Posted schedules can be added as master schedules to be reused each week.

Congratulations! Your employees have just received notifications and will now be auto-selected to punch to that shift when punching on those days. You can always go into the Posted Scheduled tab and edit, add or remove shifts from an already posted schedule.

Ready for the next step of the Scheduling process? Master Schedules will show how to automate the posting of your schedules, creating a truly hands-off experience.

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