An employee can punch in and out of Jobs that are within their "Punch Permission Hierarchy" setting. However, there may be times that you want to explicitly set the Jobs that an employee can view on their device, thereby limiting the jobs that they have access to punch at. This can be done at the device level, through the "Limit Device Jobs" setting.

Limit Device Jobs

Follow the steps below to limit the jobs available for an employee to punch to on their personal device.

  1. Login to Grandd Central > Navigate to the Employee's Profile > Open the Employee's Device tab.

  2. Open the device that the employee is using.

  3. Toggle "Limit Device Jobs" and click the + button.

  4. Select all the jobs that the employee should have access to.

  5. Click "Edit Device" to finalize the changes.

    Additional Notes

    • The next time the employee opens the Findd Mobile app the changes will automatically sync

    • You can also Limit Jobs on Clock Mode and Mobile Clock Mode devices

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