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Clock Modes (Overview)
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Watch this short video about the three different clock modes to decide which mode(s) is right for your organization.

Three Clock Modes

To summarize, Findd has three clock modes:

Individual Mode

  • Set up on a specific device for a single individual to use

  • The device can move between job-sites and locations

  • No pin required, only their face ID

  • Great for individuals moving to different locations

  • Auto-snaps to the nearest job location

Clock Mode

  • Often used as a time clock set up in a fixed location, ie mounted to a wall or desk

  • Set up as a tablet at a specific single location, tied to that site/job/location

  • Multiple people can use the device

  • Two factor identification: Pin + Facial ID

  • Great for large amount of employees clocking in at the same location

Mobile Clock Mode

  • Hybrid between the two other modes

  • Set up for multiple people

  • Can move between job-sites and locations

  • Auto-snaps to the nearest job location

  • Eliminates reasons for not being able to punch in

Note: You can mix and match all of these clock modes throughout your organization.

Register Devices

If you need help registering your devices, be sure to check out our Device Registration section.

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