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Here is a general overview of what you will see in the Payroll tab in Grandd Central.

Key Indicators & Pay Period Navigation

In the first section, select which pay period you are viewing. Additionally, you can view the status of your payroll preparation. You can view:

  • Employee Approvals Percentage

  • Supervisor Approvals Percentage

  • Hierarchy Locked Percentage

  • Hierarchy Closed Percentage

  • Exported Payroll Percentage

Payroll Hours Summary


In your payroll preparation, it's important to compare your current pay period with past pay periods. When viewed towards the end of your payroll preparation, you can view any inaccurate data and help confirm the integrity of your payroll preparation.

Job Costing Summary


In this section, you can view what your cost spread is across both your hierarchy and your organization's permissions.

All Exceptions


Here is where you will spend the majority of your time with your preparation. You can filter types of exceptions to review and modify as needed.

Payroll By Hierarchy


You can lock down and export payroll by hierarchy, which is done in this section. Read this article to learn more about exporting payroll by hierarchy.

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