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Grandd Central has an intuitive dashboard allowing you to easily manage timecards and punches made by your employees. This allows supervisors or payroll managers to quickly view where the missing punches, missing approvals, and other exceptions are.


You can view time cards through the employee profile as well, but you would have to go and search for each employee to make edits. The timecards section consolidates all of the active timecards for the time period you specify.

Once you're in the Timecards tab, you'll see a couple of things:

  • Ability to specify the time period of timecards.

  • Filters

    • Show Direct Reports Only - timecards for your direct report employees

    • Filter by Default Hierarchy - timecards for employees who have that hierarchy as their default

    • Filter by Punch Hierarchy - timecards for employees who punched directly to that punch hierarchy

  • Exceptions Tool, more about that in our exceptions guide.

  • All employees with punches in their timecard.

Note: The timecards you see will also be filtered through the hierarchy you are viewing in Grandd Central. You can use the Hierarchy Navigation tool to filter the timecards you see.

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