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Removing a Device from Findd
Removing a Device from Findd

Instructions on how to remove a device registration from Grandd Central.

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There are many reasons why you would need to remove a device from Grandd Central. Maybe the original device broke and you need to register a different one, or you had an employee quit and don't need to have their device in the system anymore. Whatever the reason is you can follow these simple steps to remove the device registration.

**Note: If a device registration is removed in Grandd Central, the mobile application will automatically lock out the user and require the device to be re-registered before they will have access to use the app.

Deleting a Device in Findd

  1. Login to your Findd Grandd Central Account.

  2. Open the Devices tab.

  3. Search for the device you would like to remove.

4. Select the box next to the device
5. Click the Delete icon in the top right corner and hit "ok"

Deleting a Device from an Employee Profile

You can also delete a device from an employee profile if it is registered in individual mode. See the following steps to learn how.

1. Go to the Employees tab and search for the employee whose device you want to delete.

2. Go to devices
3. Check the box next to the device you would like to delete
4. Delete the device using the delete icon as seen in the screenshot below.

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