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Custom Employee Filters
Custom Employee Filters

How to create, use, and edit employee custom filters

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You can create custom filters that make it easier to see and search for employees within a specific hierarchy, have a particular supervisor or setting, or whatever combination is needed to get the filtered view that you desire.

To set up custom filters for your account, follow the video and/or steps below.

Create a New Filter

  1. Navigate to the Employees tab from the left-hand side menu

  2. Click on the Filter Template dropdown at the top of the page and click "Create New Template."

  3. Fill out the pop-up

    1. Filter Name: What you want the filter to be named

    2. Active Status: Whether you want to see active or inactive employees that match your parameters

    3. Toggles for:

      1. Exempt Employees

      2. Allow Punches from Personal Device

      3. Self Service Login Enabled

      4. Mobile Agreement Accepted

        1. Note: These options can be found in an employees profile under the user policy and user information dropdowns

    4. Employee Default Hierarchy

      1. Click on the black "+" button to navigate or search the hierarchy you want to set, then hit ok.

        1. Note: Multiple hierarchies can be selected

    5. Supervisor

      1. Click on the blank "+" button to search and select the box next to the applicable supervisor(s), then hit ok.

        1. Note: Multiple supervisors can be selected

  4. Once you have selected the parameters you want click "Save Filter"

  5. Saved filters will show up in the Filter Template dropdown

Use/Edit Saved Filters

  • Click on the Filter Template dropdown.

  • Select the filter that you want to use

  • To edit or delete a filter, simply select the filter form the drop down list

  • Click on the three lines next to the dropdown to open the filter form

  • Edit or delete the filter as needed

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