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Hierarchy Settings - Auto Breaks
Hierarchy Settings - Auto Breaks
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Organizations sometimes are required to comply with rules surrounding mandatory breaks for hourly employees. Findd accommodates these requirements through "Auto breaks." Auto breaks will automatically be reflected in an employee's timecard. This will save administrative time as data can be accurately and automatically calculated.

This guide and the video below will show how to set up auto breaks for your organization.

Adding an Auto Break

1. Navigate to the hierarchy tab and click on the Settings sub-tab.

2. Click the Auto Breaks setting.

Remember: Hierarchy inheritance rules control the flow of settings down your hierarchy. Any setting made will flow down the hierarchy unless the rule or setting is overridden.


3. After making sure you are in the correct hierarchy, click the plus icon and fill out the details of the new auto break.

  • Name

  • Break Duration (minutes)

  • Duration to Trigger Break (minutes)

The example below creates a new auto break rule named CA-Lunch that has a duration of 1 hour (60 min). This break will be triggered after 4 hours (240 min) of the employee being clocked in.


4. Now, because we added this at the account level, every employee will automatically have a 60-minute break after 4 hours.

Override Auto Breaks

Auto Break settings are always inherited from the level above. When the parent hierarchy item has an auto break, then the child will automatically inherit the auto break from the parent. However, we can override it by using the override option.

1. Use your hierarchy navigation to filter down to the correct hierarchy you wish to override. For example, I want everyone in my East Region to have a different setting than the rest of my organization.


2. Navigate to the hierarchy tab and click on the Settings sub-tab.

3. Now that we are in a hierarchy item other than the account level, the Auto Breaks setting will have some new options:

  • State if the setting is inherited.

  • Give the option to override (off by default). If the override toggle is set to off, the child hierarchy item you are in will use the setting of whatever settings is made from the parent.

  • Shows the rule of the parent hierarchy item.


Note: If the override switch is turned off, the selected hierarchy will inherit the settings made from the parent hierarchy. And if this is turned on, it will override the auto breaks from the parent hierarchy.

4. Turning the override toggle to on will allow you to add a new auto break that will apply to the hierarchy item you are in, as well as any hierarchy items below.

Break Shown in Employee Timecards

As stated, the break will automatically be applied to each employee that has an auto break assigned to that hierarchy item.

The example below shows an employee who was punched in from 10 am - 5 pm, a total of 7 hours at work. However, we can see that the CA - Lunch was applied (shown below).

Also, notice the total hours which reflects the hour break being deducted. As you can see, the employee has a total of 6 hours.


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