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Hierarchy Setup - Add Levels Into Grandd Central
Hierarchy Setup - Add Levels Into Grandd Central
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Once you have a grasp of what hierarchies are and why they are important, let's add them to Grandd Central. If you need a conceptual brush-up on what a hierarchy is, visit this guide.

The video below is part of the Quick-Start video series and goes over this topic as well as the next topic, adding hierarchy items to Grandd Central.

Add Levels

Now, we need to create the levels of your hierarchy. After the steps below, you'll be able to add actual hierarchy items (Regions, Locations, etc.).

1. In Grandd Central navigate to the Account tab click on the Hierarchy Definitions. Notice that the account level is already made for you as a default when your account was made.


Note: Once a level is made, it cannot be deleted. Names and settings can be changed but to preserve data from accidents we do not allow levels to be deleted.

2. To add a level, click the plus icon. Add a name and toggle the settings (these can both be changed later).

  • Allow GPS Locations: Enable this if the hierarchy items you add to this level will be locations. For this example, Regions will just be organizational, so I'll leave it off. For the Locations level, those hierarchy items will be physical locations so I would want that setting turned on (see above).

  • Allow Microlocations: Similar to the above setting, if you use our beacons for punching with pin-point precision, toggle the setting to on.

  • Allow Job: Allows jobs to be placed at that hierarchy (the jobs feature has to be turned on in your account to see this setting).

  • Allow Positions: Allows positions to be applied to the hierarchy (generally, leave this off for now).

  • Allow Punches: Allows employees to punch to locations within that hierarchy. If turned off employees will have to select another hierarchy that allows punches.

3. Click Save.

You have now created a template to add hierarchy items! To add items (regions, locations, etc.) visit this guide.

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