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Findd allows you to prompt questions for when an employee punches in and punches out.

Some examples of questions are below:

To enable and create pre-punch questions, follow these steps!

1. Select the Hierarchy tab on the left-hand screen and click Settings.
2. Open the Punch Questions drop-down and click the toggle "Use Punch Question" to turn it on.
3. The three icons on the side will allow you to view, edit and delete punch questions. To edit your questions, click the pencil icon.

4. This editing page will allow you to:

  • Include an introduction page message on either punch in and punch out (fill out the title of the message, button label, and what the introduction message will say)

  • Create an exception confirmation screen (enter in title and button label if you want to include them)

  • Change the language of your question

  • Edit the order in which the questions are presented (drag the questions to a new spot with the icon on to the left of the question (three stacked lines))

  • Add new questions (for punching in or out)

To add a new punch-in or punch-out question, click the + icon on the corresponding tab.

5. Fill out the pop-up form for punch-in or punch-out questions. To edit the question, click on the pencil icon.

Main Question Page:

  • Name - Shown at the top of the question

  • Workflow Button #1 & #2 - determine if an exception will be allowed or if a punch will be prevented based on which button is selected by the employee

  • Frequency - how often the question should be asked

Question Edit Page:

  • Title - Will appear above the punch question in the app

  • Question - What the question will be

  • Button labels - Answers to the question; example: yes or no, agree or disagree

Note: Make sure you SAVE all of your changes!

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