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How can I add a location to a hierarchy?
How can I add a location to a hierarchy?
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The hierarchy is composed of items in a parent-child relationship. Some hierarchy items are physical locations, others do not have a location attached to them. This guide goes over how to add a hierarchy item that has a location.

Add A Hierarchy With Location

1. To add a location to a hierarchy go to the hierarchy navigation.

2. Select the hierarchy item where you want to add to the new location.

3. On the left-hand menu click on hierarchy and then children.


4. In the upper right-hand corner of the location screen click on the "+" button.

5. Type in name of the location (payroll export name, cost center, and external ID are optional) then click save. This will then bring you to the hierarchy location screen. Toggle the "this is a location (GPS)" button. Toggle "enable location exception" if you want to allow exceptions. Add the address of the location to the search location box.


6. This will then add the location to this hierarchy. Zoom in to the new location. If the pin on the map is not in the correct location, you can either type in the address again or manually select the location on the map. The default geofence size is applied (usually 50 meters).

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