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Hierarchy Settings - Auto Transfers
Hierarchy Settings - Auto Transfers
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Organizations with mobile employees may want to utilize auto transfers. Auto transfers allow employees to be automatically transferred to a new location when their device detects that they have arrived at a new location.

This will save employee and administrator time from doing this manually as well as increase performance tracking.

This guide and the video below will go over how to enable Auto Transfers for your organization.

Turn On Auto Transfers

1. Navigate to the hierarchy tab and click on the Settings sub-tab.


2. Click the Auto Transfer and simply toggle the setting to on.


Remember: Hierarchy inheritance rules control the flow of settings down your hierarchy. Any setting made will flow down the hierarchy unless the rule or setting has an override applied to it.

Overriding Auto Transfer Settings

Auto transfer settings are always inherited from the level above. When the parent level is enabled with auto transfers, then the child will automatically inherit the setting from the parents. However, we can override it by using the override option.

1. Use your hierarchy navigation to filter down to the correct hierarchy you wish to override. For example, I want everyone in the East Region to have a setting different than the rest of the organization.


2. Navigate to the hierarchy tab and click on the Settings sub-tab.

3. Now that we are in a hierarchy item other than the account level, the Auto Breaks setting will have some new options:

  • States if the setting is inherited

  • Gives the option to override (off by default) If the override toggle is set to off, the child hierarchy item you are in will use the setting of whatever settings are made from the parent.

  • Shows the rule of the parent hierarchy item

4. Simply toggle the override and the setting is not applied.


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