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Hierarchy Settings - Overview & Inheritance
Hierarchy Settings - Overview & Inheritance
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Hierarchy settings are an important part of Findd. Proper settings can help save your organization time and stress. Inheritance is a key aspect of Hierarchy settings.

Read this guide or watch the video below to learn about Hierarchy settings and how Inheritance works.

Where are Hierarchy Settings located?

In Grandd Central, click the Hierarchy tab and then click the Settings sub-tab.

What Settings Are There?


Hierarchy settings are passed down the hierarchy similar to how parents pass down traits to their children. If a setting is made at a certain level in your hierarchy, you can have confidence that the same setting will be passed down to the hierarchy items below through inheritance.

For example, if I were to add a setting to the West Region, only items at or below the West Region would have that setting applied to it.


But what if you wanted your entire organization to have the same setting except for one region/location to not have it? Well, we make that very simple.

You just have to Override the setting that is inherited from the parent hierarchy item.

Override Inherited Settings

For this example, let's pretend we added an Auto Break to the Account level (your very top level) the auto break would be applied to the entire organization. But, we want the West region to have a different auto break or no auto break at all.


Steps To Override

To apply the override of the parent setting, follow these steps in Grandd Central:

  1. In the hierarchy navigation, go to the correct hierarchy. In this case, we would go to the West Region.

  2. Go to the hierarchy settings and you'll see a couple of things:

    • Option to override

    • If the AutoBreak is on in your account

    • Where the auto break was inherited from

  3. Toggle the override switch. Depending on the setting, there may be another setting to toggle.

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