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Hierarchy Settings - Position
Hierarchy Settings - Position
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This setting changes how Grandd Central assigns positions to be available for employees to use.

Position Settings

In Grandd Central, navigate to the Hierarchy tab and then the Settings sub-tab.


The Position Selection drop-down reveals two possible selections:

  • User Union Hierarchy – displays BOTH Hierarchy-level and Employee-level positions

  • User Intersect Hierarchy – displays COMMON positions from Hierarchy-level and Employee-level position list


Note: The default value is User Union Hierarchy.

Override Position Settings

As all Hierarchy settings do, they flow down the hierarchy through Inheritance. However, it is possible to override the parent setting.

1. Use the Hierarchy Navigation to position yourself in the hierarchy to the hierarchy level you wish to change.

2. Now that you are at a hierarchy level, a new option appears in the Positions tab.


3. You now have the option to override the parent settings.

4. Toggle the override button and select the setting from the drop-down menu.

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