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When the Findd application is conducting the facial recognition, a percentage match is made between the person punching and the system's knowledge of that specific employee's face.

By default, if that percentage is greater than 95% then we are confident that the correct employee is punching. If the percentage is lower than 95%, we create an exception for an administrator to view.

The Biometric Threshold is simply the cutoff of confidence in the facial recognition match. You can change it from the default 95%. Before making any changes, we recommend contacting our support for recommendations.

Change In Grandd Central

1. Go to Grandd Central, navigate to the Account tab and then open up the settings sub-tab.


Click on the Biometric section to reveal the settings.

3. Simply enter a new percentage into the field.


Note: Findd highly recommends keeping this threshold at the default for optimal performance. Changing this to a low threshold may decrease the accuracy of the exceptions system.

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