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Hierarchy Setup - Hierarchy Concepts
Hierarchy Setup - Hierarchy Concepts
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Proper setup of your hierarchy in Grandd Central is very important. If done correctly, you will save time and energy with your management of Grandd Central. This is also very important to allow proper deployment of settings throughout your organization (see inheritance for more details).

This guide and the video below will outline the basics of Hierarchies in Findd. After reading this guide or watching the video, you will be well on your way to building your very own hierarchy. If we've already helped set up your account with you, this guide will still be helpful in helping you understand hierarchies.

Remember, our support team is here to help. Please consult with us before setup to help optimize your experience with Findd. To reach us use the blue chat bot in the bottom right corner of your account to send us a message or send us an email at

Note: The video below is part of the Quick-Start video series and may reference other videos in the series but the content is all the same.

Hierarchy Overview

So, to begin, what does “Hierarchy” mean? Hierarchy is a lot like a family tree of your organization. Think about how a country is set up. We have a country as the top-level, states/territories below that, and maybe some counties, cities, and towns.


Now think about your organization. Instead of counties, cities, and towns, you could have regions, cities, clients, locations, and probably many more.

Let's go through an example of how to approach a hierarchy setup.

ABC Cleaning Company

For this example, we'll go through the setup of an organization called ABC Cleaning Company. ABC has a bunch of locations spread out across their area of operation. To help with organization, let's divide their locations into separate regions. Now, the locations all have a parent called region in the hierarchy.


We could add many more levels, but for simplicity, we'll keep it to just region and location.

Hierarchy Levels & Parent-Child Relationship

Each level will have either a parent, child, or both. Parent levels pass down settings or permissions to levels below them. Child items inherit these settings or permissions. You can, however, override settings passed down.

This hierarchy now has three levels:

1. ABC Cleaning Company

  • AKA "Account Level"

  • Mandatory for all accounts

  • Ex) If your organization name is "Billy's Tire Shop" the account level name will be "Billy's Tire Shop"

  • Parent to the Region level

2. Region

  • Could be named anything (i.e. "Client")

  • Child to the Account level

  • Parent to the Location level

3. Location

  • Could be named anything (i.e. "Jobsite")

  • Child to the Region level


Note: We allow as many levels as you need for organization.

Supervisor Setup

This setup, with multiple levels, is really important because now you can bring in Account Users to help manage aspects of your account.

For example, we can now add a supervisor as an account user. Through user permissions, we can allow specific people to view or edit limited amounts of your organization.

In the image below, we can see a quick example. Two supervisors, each over a specific region, can be given a login to Grandd Central. Through user permissions, they can be set to only view data in their own region.


Less Effective Hierarchy Setup

As a side note, with an ineffective setup, you will miss out on a lot of features of Findd. See the example below and notice the differences from the example above. Try to see where you can implement the supervisor hierarchy control.


As I'm sure you know, there isn't an easy way to implement supervisors to manage sections of the hierarchy. There is only one level, besides the default account level. This may be adequate for really small organizations, but it is still far from optimal.

Moving Forward

Spend some time and map out what your organization would look like. Consult with our support team as well. If you're ready for the next step, go ahead and add hierarchy levels to Grandd Central.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Email our support team at and we'll be glad to help.

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