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Employee Self-Register Device
Employee Self-Register Device
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Employees have two options to register new devices for use. They can either register through their administrator or register through their own email. Employee devices that are registered through self-registration are only allowed to be registered as an individual mode device.


Steps For Employee

1. Provide your email address to your account administrator (if not done so already).

2. Open the Findd app on your iOS or Android device. Upon opening the app for the first time, you will be presented with the option to either self-register the device or register through their administrator.

3. Tap "Register By Your Email" (shown above).

4. Enter the same email that you gave your administrator. A new prompt will appear for you to enter in an activation code (shown below).

5. Check your email for an email from "" This email contains a code for registration. Write that code down.

  • Please check your spam folder.

  • If you do not receive an email then that indicates that your employer has not entered in your email into Grandd Central, the wrong email has been entered or the spelling is wrong.

6. Back in the Findd app, enter the code in the prompt and click OK.

Note For Administrators

When an employee self-registers a new device, the new device will be shown in Grandd Central in the employee's profile under the Devices tab. The name will be defaulted to "{Employee's First Name} Device" and the location exceptions will be automatically turned on for the new device.

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