Can My Employees Send Me Messages About Their Timecards From The App?

The short answer is yes! See the following visual references and follow the steps to learn how it works.

Sending a Note about your timecard to your Supervisor/ Manager from the mobile app.

  1. Open the Menu and click on the tab that says Timecards

  2. Click on the day that you would like to submit a note about.

  3. Click on the link below the Approve Timecard button that says Send a note/correction to your supervisor.

  4. When you are finished don't forget to click Send.

Viewing notes in Grandd Central that employees have sent from the mobile app.

  1. Click on the Timecards tab or go to the employee's profile.

  2. Select a timecard.

  3. If an employee has sent a note you will see that the "i" icon next to the days on their timecard is the color green.

4. Click on the green "i" icon and you will be able to see the note.

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