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Read this article to get a better understanding of component timecards and why they are useful.

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Component timecards are shown within your employees' timecard but only if the employee has worked at more than one location for that time period. If your employees work at a single location, you won't see anything regarding component timecards.

This guide, and the video below, will go over the Why, Where, and When of component timecards.

Why Component Timecards?

  • For many organizations with mobile employees, it is essential for them to track more than just employees' total time - we need to track where that time is spent.

  • With our transfer feature (either a standard transfer or the auto-transfer), once an employee transfers to a new location we will close out their timecard at their original location and open a time clock up at the new location.

  • View our guide on how to transfer locations for more information.

Where Can I View Component Timecards?

  • You can view an employee's component timecard while viewing their timecard.

  • Toggle the Component Timecard and the locations will be expanded.

When Will I see Component Timecards?

  • Component timecards will only be accessible when an employee has punched at more than one location.

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