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How to Transfer to a new location
How to Transfer to a new location
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The Findd app, as a mobile time tracking solution, allows employees to transfer locations.

Transfer Locations

  1. Open the Findd app and enter in the employee pin, if required. The punch button will be green and will say Punch In. Tap that, and hold the device up to your face to allow the facial recognition process to take place.

  2. Travel to Location B. The device will note the new location, and instead of showing the punch button, it will turn blue and will say "Transfer". Under Locations, it will show you where you are wanting to transfer to and from where.

  3. Tap Transfer. Depending on your account settings, facial recognition may or may not be required to Transfer.

Note: If you did not want to transfer, the yellow return button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen will take you back to the punch screen showing the red punch out and your original location and will cancel the transfer. To learn more click here.

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