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Why does my device say Transfer when I want to Punch Out?
Why does my device say Transfer when I want to Punch Out?
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Findd allows employees to transfer between locations throughout the workday. That means that an employee can punch in at location A, travel to location B, and submit a transfer punch that will punch the employee out of location A, and into location B. This works great for mobile employees, but what if the device shows transfer but you just want to punch out?


Let's say you are a construction worker and your primary job-site is job site A. You punch in at job-site A and start working. Near the end of your day, your supervisor asks you to deliver some supplies to job-site B and tells you to just punch out and go home after you deliver the supplies.

You arrive at job-site B and drop off the supplies. However, when you go to punch out, the app says Transfer.

Why This Happens

The Findd app uses the device's GPS coordinates to select the job-site closest to your location. Because you are now at Job-Site B and the system knows you are already punched in, the app assumes you are going to transfer locations. If this is not the case, see the solution below.


In the upper right-hand corner of the screen will be a yellow return button that will allow you to punch out at your original location.

  • Click on the yellow return button

  • On the pop up on the top of the screen click "Return"

  • This will then take you to the punch screen showing the red punch out button at your original where you can then punch out.


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