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Mobile Clock Mode Device Punching
Mobile Clock Mode Device Punching
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Findd's intuitive and easy-to-use application allows your employees to arrive at work and quickly punch in with ease.

First, make sure you have downloaded the Findd app on the Android or iOS device. Then, make sure the device is registered through an administrator and registered as a mobile clock.

How To Punch

  • Employees simply open the Findd app and type in their own personal clock pin.

  • The map will show the employees current position, using the device's GPS.

  • The employee should check the location that is shown.
    Note: If needed, the employee can change the punching location. Tap Location and filter to the intended location.
    *However, if the employee is not located at the location selected, an exception will be generated.

  • Employees can select the position needed (if applicable).

  • Tap the green "Punch IN" or the red "Punch-Out" button.

  • Take a selfie and wait for a green checkmark to appear. If "Take Photo" appears, tap that.

  • That's it, simple as that!

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