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Default Geofence Size
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When a new location is added to your hierarchy, a default geofence size is applied to that location. This default size is 50 meters in diameter, centered on the location of your choice.

If your employee punches and the device they are using is located outside of this geofence, an exception is generated in Grandd Central for your account administrator to view. This helps prevent time fraud.

The perimeter size of this geofence can always be changed in Grandd Central. However, this guide will go over how to change the default size.

Change In Grandd Central

1. Go to Grandd Central, navigate to the Account tab and then open up the Settings sub-tab.


2. Click on the Location section to reveal the settings.

3. Simply enter a new value into the "Default Geofence Perimeter" field (changes are saved automatically).


Note: Your current location's geofence perimeters will not be affected, only new locations created after the change.

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