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Create Positions
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Positions can be created and applied to employees. These positions can have varying pay and bill rates, required and optional tasks, and cost center ID's.

Create Positions

1. In Grandd Central, go to the Account tab and then to the Positions sub-tab.

2. Click the plus icon and fill out the pop-up form. This is where you will create the position templates.

  • For quick creation, use the Copy Of button to copy a current position for modification.

  • Pay Rate: Rate that the employee is paid. (optional)

  • Bill Rate: Rate that the client is billed. (optional)

  • Required Tasks: Tasks that the employee must check off as completed before the employee can punch out on the Findd app.

  • Optional Tasks: Optional tasks that the employee can check off as completed through the Findd app.

  • Position Color: Color that the position will show on the scheduling module.

  • Hide on mobile: If this setting is turned on, the employee will not be able to select this position on mobile when they are punching.

Assigning a Position to An Employee

In order to assign a position or multiple positions to an employee,

1. Go to their employee profile
2.Go to the Positions tab and click on the yellow plus icon

3. To use the templates you already created, click on "usable positions" then "copy of"

Note: You will need to add all applicable positions to each employee's profile for them to be able to select a position when Punching.

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