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Hierarchy Setup: Add Hierarchy Items
Hierarchy Setup: Add Hierarchy Items
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This guide will go over how to add hierarchy items. Make sure you understand hierarchies and have added hierarchy levels into Grandd Central.

The video below is part of the Quick-Start video series and goes over this topic as well as the previous topic, adding hierarchy levels to Grandd Central.

Add Hierarchy Items

To add any items to any level of your hierarchy follow the steps below:

1. You will be adding a child hierarchy item to any level you are in. Use the Hierarchy Navigation (shown below) to filter to the parent hierarchy.


2. Click on the Hierarchy tab and then click the Children sub-tab. Here you can view any current children.

3. Click the plus icon to add an item. You just need to add a name unless your account exports items to an outside program. In that case, add a Cost Center, External ID and/or Payroll Export Name.

4. You have successfully added an item to your hierarchy. Notice in the Hierarchy Navigation that you are now in your new hierarchy item. You can either add a child item to your new item or go up a level again to add a hierarchy item at the same level.

Now, you may want to add a location to an item (for items that are locations).

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