How can I delete facespaces?
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Occasionally, it may be necessary to delete your employees' facespaces in Grandd Central. If your employee has changed their appearance (New glasses, shaved beard, etc.) you don't need to delete to make them redo the facial registration. Findd is a learning system and as you accept punches that generate exceptions because of the new appearance, the system learns the new changes and after a few punches there will no longer be an exception.

However, if the wrong person completed the facial recognition you would want to delete all face spaces and force a new facial registration. This guide will show you how to do that.

Delete Face Spaces

1. In Grandd Central, navigate to the employees tab and search for your employee. Click on the employee to open their profile.

2. Click on the "Face Spaces" tab to reveal the employees face spaces.

3. To delete face spaces, simply click the trash icon on each face space.

  • Don't see the trash icon? You may have limited permissions ("Edit Employee" permission must be allowed). Please contact your account supervisor.


4. If the amount of face spaces is below your face spaces training threshold (default 5) then Grandd Central will require a facial registration next time that employee punches.

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