Timecards Calculation - Basic

Learn more about the different totals in the time card including the breakdown of Overtime and Regular pay, as well as California Overtime.

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Timecard tabulation consist of TOTAL, REG, OT1, and OT2 described below:

  • TOTAL = Total of all daily/weekly hours

  • REG = Normal hours

  • OT1 = Refers to regular overtime

  • OT2 = Refers to worked hours beyond 12 hours worked per day. Applicable only when California overtime is enabled.
    For more information about California overtime, click here.



Once an employee has punched in and out using the Findd app, the system will automatically total up the hours.

Total Daily and Weekly Hours

Total daily hours are shown in the Total field. It will then be added and be shown in the Week Total field. Week total field will show ALL the hours worked for the whole week; Total, Reg, OT1, OT2.

Regular Hours

Regular worked hours daily will be shown in the Reg field. It will then be added and be shown in the Week Reg field. Week Reg field will only add regular worked hours.

Break Time

When auto breaks are enabled, these breaks are automatically subtracted from the total hours. From the example below, both days show the same time in and time out but have different total hours because of the auto breaks.
For more information about auto break, click here.

Overtime hours

There are two types of overtime hours:

  • OT1 contains the number of regular overtime hours. That is, hours worked at a maximum of 40 hours weekly.

  • OT2 contains the number of overtime hours that is beyond 12 hours daily. This is only applicable when California overtime is enabled.

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