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Adding Employee Devices
Adding Employee Devices
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Adding employees' devices is one of the most basic tasks in Findd. Grandd Central makes adding personal devices very easy. Below is a video that goes over everything in this guide.


  1. Make sure that you first have an employee already created. If you need help with this, visit our adding employees guide.

  2. Download the Findd application onto the employee's personal device. If you need help with this, visit our Findd application download guide.

Grandd Central

  1. Navigate to the Employees tab.

  2. Find your employee, open their employee profile, open the devices tab and select the plus icon.

  3. Add a name.

    • Be descriptive so later you'll know what device is referenced.

  4. Enter the registration code found in the Findd application on the device you are adding.

  5. Most likely you will want to leave location exceptions toggled to on.

    • This setting will allow exceptions to be generated if your employee were to punch in or out outside of a location's geofence.

    • You would want this off for Clock Mode Devices but most employee devices will have this setting on.

  6. Click Add Device in Grandd Central and then tap Register on the device.

    • If you are adding an employee's device and they are remote, the employee can tap register at any time after you've added the code into Grandd Central.

    • There is no time limit on the app registration.

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