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Adding Leave Request in Grandd Central
Adding Leave Request in Grandd Central

This article will include a step-by-step walk through on how to add a leave request for any existing employees in your account.

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Adding Leave Request

Note: Accruals will need to be set up already for your account. To learn how to create an accrual see this article.

  1. Selecting Leave Tracking - Once you are logged into your Grandd Central Account, select the Leave Tracking Tab on the left-hand side.


2. Adding a Leave Request - Clicking on add button will then give you the option to add in a leave request for an employee.

  • The Leave Request form will then appear on your screen.


3. Click on the gray add icon under "Employee" - This will allow you to search for the employee you wish to track the leave request for.

4. Leave Request Options - From here you will then be able to select the number of hours, the Leave Start Date, Leave End Date, the Accrual option, the status of the request, and any additional comments if needed.

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