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Editing an Employee Timecard
Editing an Employee Timecard
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In Grandd Central, we make it very easy for you to edit the timecards of your employees. To avoid time fraud, we track all timecard punch edits in Grandd Central and display them for your accounts administrators to view.

This guide and the video below will go over how to edit your employees' timecards and how to view edit history on a punch.

Navigate to Timecards

In Grandd Central you can view timecards in two different ways:

Employees Tab

  • Navigate to the Employees tab, search for your employee, and open their profile.

  • You'll then be able to view their timecard (example shown below).

Timecards Tab

  • Navigate to the Timecards tab and find the employee.

  • Here you can view all of the employee timecards that have punches recorded on them, for the specified dates.

With both options, you will view the same timecard, for this guide we'll go through the employee profile to view the timecard.

Manually Add Punches

1. Navigate to the Employees tab, search for your employee, and open their profile.

2. In the timecards section, you'll notice there is an option to add a punch on the timecard for every day.

3. To add a punch, simply click Add and fill out the necessary details for that punch (time, location, date, etc.).

Edit Existing Punches

  • Simply click on the current punch and change the time.

  • Changes are saved automatically.

Punch Edit History

Upon viewing a timecard, we make it very easy for administrators to view which punches have either been manually added or which punches have been edited.

  • Punches that flow into the system normally through a device are timestamped with black font color.

  • Punches that the time was editted will show in red

  • Punches that the punch location, hierarchy, or job changed or added will show in purple

To view edits, simply click the grey "i" button next to the punch. A window will appear that will show the original punch details and any other changes made to that punch.


Name - Grandd Central user who made the edit
Action Add - Punch was added for the first time
Action Update - Punch time was changed


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