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Grandd Central Release 7.2
Grandd Central Release 7.2
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🚀 Timecard Summary Report - Improved Viewing Experience - Enhanced the Timecard Summary Report by adding a dedicated column for job information, allowing for easier and more convenient viewing.

🚀 Schedule Report - Augmented the Schedule Report by incorporating additional details such as “Job ID” and “Job Name.” When downloading the schedule report, users will now have access to the job ID and job name associated with each schedule entry, providing comprehensive insights.

🚀 Ad-hoc Reporting - Pay type Option - Expanded the capabilities of ad-hoc reporting by including the option to generate reports based on specific paytypes. This empowers users to create reports based on the paytype that an employee punched in with.

🚀 Mobile Initialization Permission - Introduced a new permission level called “init mobile” specifically for supervisors. This permission allows supervisors to initiate mobile functionality without granting them access to edit device details such as name, job, and others. This ensures a streamlined workflow for supervisors while maintaining control over device configurations.

Bug Fixes:

🛠️ Fixed issue that would not allow occupation change in HR

🛠️ Fixed formatting issues on Ad Hoc report on Timecard tab

🛠️ Fixed various issues that was affecting scheduling feature

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