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Explicit Account User Hierarchy Assignment
Explicit Account User Hierarchy Assignment
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Explicit Account User hierarchy assignment is a setting that allows account users to be specifically assigned only to designated hierarchy levels. Most likely, you will keep this setting to off.

Turning this on will result in drastic changes to the assignment of your Account Users to their Hierarchy control. Please consult with our support team before making any changes.

Turn On Feature

1. In Grandd Central, go to the Account tab and click the Settings sub-tab.


2. Open the hierarchy settings with the drop-down arrow.

3. Toggle "Require Explicit Account user Hierarchy Assignment" to on.


Allow Attached Users

Now, with this setting enabled, you must go to each hierarchy level and allow users to be attached to that level.

1. Go to the Account tab and click on the Hierarchy Definitions sub-tab.


2. Select a hierarchy level and toggle the "Allow Attached Users" to on. Now, this hierarchy will allow users to be attached to it.


Assigning a User To A Hierarchy

Now, account users have to be assigned to every item of the hierarchy that they need to oversee. This allows cross hierarchical assignments but can be tedious upon initial setup (depending on how many account users you have).

1. With the Hierarchy Navigation tool, filter to the hierarchy level you wish to add an account user to.

2. In the hierarchy tab, click on the new sub-tab "Users."


3. Simply click the plus button and search for the user.

4. Click Add and now that user has been added to that hierarchy item.


Note: Any role with the "Account Admin" with allow the user to view anything in the account, regardless of specific assignments.

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