Timecard Edits
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In the timecards section, Grandd Central makes it very easy to edit your employees' punches and get a general overview of any exceptions and missing punches.

This guide will go over how to edit a timecard from the timecard tab. You also can edit timecards from an employee's profile.

Make Timecard Edits

1. Navigate to the timecards tab and make sure you're in your desired hierarchy to view either all or just parts of data from your organization (use the Hierarchy Navigation tool).

2. Set the time period for which week of timecards you wish to view.


3. Notice the employee list. You can click on an employee's name and the timecard will appear.


4. You can make edits to the timecard by clicking ADD to add a punch and OUT to add a punch for a missing punch set.


Note: You can view component timecards as well.

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