Findd allows you to prompt questions for when an employee punches in and punches out.

Some examples of questions are below:

To enable and create pre-punch questions follow these step

1. Select the Hierarchy tab on the left-hand screen and click Settings. Open the Punch Questions drop down and click the toggle "Use Punch Question" to turn on.

2. If you want to include an introduction page message on either punch in and punch out toggle the buttons to both or either and fill out the title of the message, button label, and what the introduction message will say. Click on the drop-down arrow on the exception confirm screen to enter in title and button label if you want to include.

3. To enter in questions, click either the punch in or punch out tab and the add sign.

4. Fill out the pop-up form for punch in or punch out questions:
Title - Shown at the top of the question
Question - What question will be
Button label - Answers to the question; example: yes or no, agree or disagree
Create an Exception when the response is - dropdown will be button 1 or button 2
Prevent punch and notify the user if response creates an exception toggle - (punch in only)
Notification - What the notification will read when the user selects a button that creates an exception (punch in only)

Note: You must click POST to save your changes. All changes that are not posted will be lost.

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